Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday I went to a spin class in the morning and some nice lady asked me if I was all right as I was walking out.  That's how you know you've gotten your money's worth.  Mr. Poe met me at Whole Foods and then we went to Safeway and then home for lunch.  After we ran downtown to Macy and then Mr. Poe went home for a nap and I headed out to Golden Gate Park to go the the De Young.  I wanted another crack that the Modernist exhibit.  It was a gorgeous day in the park:

Pictures weren't allowed but I took some anyway.  The art in this gallery was my favorite.  In particular the Frank Stella pieces at either end.

This is AMAZING in person:

After, I wandered around the permanent collections for a while.

I headed home and Mr. Poe took me out to dinner and then we headed home and went to bed.  Fabulous day!

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