Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's kind of crazy how Facebook is behaving with the drag queens and their stage names and such.  I'm not interested in joining 'ello' because I think I spend too much time on social media as it is.  Also, they're invitation only which completely turns me off.  I've been using FB a whole lot less since all this drama started and have not missed it at all.  I've had more time to work out, pet the dogs and plot revenge against my nemesis Linda Lavin, TV's Alice.  I'd recommend deleting the app from your phone.  I thought I'd miss that but I do not.  I've thought about not updating my blog anymore but I think I'd pay a lot less attention and miss stuff if I wasn't always taking pictures and that's a good enough reason to keep blogging.

Thursday I took the dogs for a walk in the stroller and then worked from home for the rest of the morning.  I went to a spin class at lunch at the gym in the Castro and I went to somebody I hadn't taken a class with before and I liked it a lot.  Then I headed into the office for the rest of the afternoon.  After work I walked home up Market and then cut into the Lower Haight to check out the new construction going on Waller.  It looks fantastic and ENORMOUS.  I can't wait!

I got Mr. Poe and I dinner and then headed home.  After dinner I went to bed pretty much immediately.  It had been a very long day.

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