Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

I've had a gross eye infection that's kept me working from home and not leaving the house for almost two weeks.  Super gross looking and I'm expected to be super cute at all times.  Thankfully, the swelling has gone down sufficiently so that I'm once again able to appear in public.  Friday I had lunch with Mr. Chris and then we hung out after work.

This will someday be 350 Bush Street, the first tower built in the financial district since 2000.  Here's a link.  Looks good!

I headed south of market and found a community garden I hadn't seen before on Lapu Lapu:

The gem of the day was my discovery of the Sailor's Union of the Pacific which is pretty amazing.  1950 construction with lots of nautical touches.  I couldn't get any good pics of the facade but I'll head back and get those another day.   Love it:

I headed over to Mr. Chris's and then home for dinner.  Mr. Poe was at a movie so I fed the dogs and myself and then we got cleaned up for bed.  It's nice to be out of the house.

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