Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday I finished up my class and then hoofed it back over to Golden Gate Park to check out the Keith Haring exhibit.  It's a fantastic exhibit and maybe the largest I've ever seen at the De Young.  Very comprehensive and it's definitely gonna resonate with gay guys of a certain age.  It turned out that I was at a members preview and they were letting us take pics and I took a bunch:

I've got some definite concerns about conservation with Keith Harings work.  So much of it is on tarps or paper and is already showing signs of wear.  It's gonna be an uphill battle maintaining it.  But today it's beautiful.  I got a few more pics at the de Young:

I headed downtown and got a haircut and then met Mr. Poe at Churchhill for an ALC happy hour.  Then Mr. Poe took me to dinner and we went home for bed.  Brendan's staying with us this weekend and that's always exciting.

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