Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday I met Miss Smith and we headed out to Ocean Beach and then walked up over Lands End.  Then I continued into the Presidio and then home.  The walk came in at about 12.8 miles (!).  I got a bunch of pics:

Miss Smith and I on the N bus:

Sutro Baths:

From there we picked up the coastal trail.  Which is really, really beautiful:

Eagle Point Labyrinth:

I said goodbye to Miss Smith and made my way up to the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  I went to the Houghton Hall exhibit (which is a little antiques roadshow if you must know) and then walked around the permanent collection a little:

These blurry shots are from the recently refurbished Salon from the Hotel de la Tremoille.  It's super fancy:


I left the museum and walked around Sea Cliff a bit:

Then down to Baker Beach.  The weather had turned and the fog was rolling in:

The national cemetery in the Presidio:

I headed back to Castro and met Mr. Poe who was picking up the dogs who were getting smart Thanksgiving haircuts.  Then we went to dinner and met Brendan.  I angrily told Mr. Poe to turn off the tv at 8:20.  I'd had enough.

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