Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday I continued my class at home and took the dogs out over lunch.  When class broke up for the day I headed off on foot for the Asian Art Museum.  This is a new sculpture that's going in between the War Memorial buildings.  I hope there's more because I'm not so sure that I like it.  But I'm gonna wait til they're done to decide:

Our beautiful city hall:

I don't think I'd been inside since my wedding.  I love it there.  It's spectacular:

Then I headed to the Asian Art Museum to see the Saudi Arabian Archaeological Exhibit which was super fantastic.  Cameras were not allowed, but I'm a shady bitch.  It looks so fresh and so incredibly modern:

This is the piece they would let you take pics of.  Not the nicest one but I like it a lot.

I had a little time left so I walked around the permanent collection:

I hadn't noticed this incredible whatever it is.  Apologies for the crappy photo.  It's so 'Ren and Stimpy':

That sculpture is one of a pair and this is the other.  Not nearly as vibrant:

This is an 18th c cloisonn√© pair depicting the dragon boat races that is newly displayed.  Love them:

I walked to the gym next, getting this awesome shot looking down towards 7th:

I went to the gym.  I was feeling really tired before it started but I totally perked up by the end of my strength training class.  I was pretty ragged by the end of spin after that so I stumbled home for dinner.  All the time I've been spending in the gym must be working out for me because I absolutely got hooted at as I walked home up 17th st.  'You betta work,  Dahhhhhhhlin!!!!!!'  I betta.

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