Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday was walk2werq Monday and I had a grand walk over Liberty and then Potrero Hill into Mission Bay and then into work that came in at about 6.6 miles.  I made the exciting discovery of a new to me Bennie Bufano sculpture on the grounds of San Francisco General at 22nd and Potrero.  It dates from 1974--  quite late!--  and I love it:

This beautiful mosaic is on Daniel Webster Elementary school on Potrero Hill:

These fabulous Victorians are on 18th and Pennsylvania.  Gorgeous:

Looking back at Potrero Hill from the 18th st bridge to the Dogpatch:

I headed over to the UCSF Mission Bay campus.  Which I don't love.  I just don't.  I'm not crazy about a bunch of the buildings and don't think they're gonna age well:

It's crazy how big the construction site at Mission Bay is:

This UCSF sign is already having problems.  The whole area seems to be sinking:

Pretty Mission Creek:

These buildings are old buildings that have been refaced.  Quite successfully, I think.  The tower was a boring government building and now it's a lot more interesting.  The two story building was incredibly ugly and the face is an enormous improvement.  I'm curious why they didn't just tear it down:

I'm incredibly excited about the addition to the Museum of Modern Art.  I cannot wait for it to open.  It's gonna be super fantastic:

I headed into work.  I headed home for lunch and then went to the gym after work.  They moved the group exercise room on the 24 hour fitness on California from a nice room on the 2nd floor to the basement and I just can't.  It's stuffy, low ceilinged and tinny.  So I'm gonna start taking all of the classes at the one on Market.  It has a completely separate spin room which I like a lot.  And the gym is chock full of good looking gay guys and is about as cruisy as one might expect a gym in the Castro to be.  Then I headed home for dinner and we went to bed.  Fun day!

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