Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday it poured down rain until mid afternoon.  There was no chance of me riding outside.  I headed down to Jane Warner Plaza to try and catch anybody who showed up for the ride.  Then I headed down to the gym and rode a spin bike for 2 hours.  After about half an hour I was too sweaty to let my heart rate get below a certain rate because if I did I'd get cold and slimy.  I think this may have been my most disgusting ever.  I headed home.  Mr. Poe was supposed to take me out to lunch but I was way too hungry so I ate everything in sight and then watched some TV.  When the rain had finally moved on we headed off to the Asian Art Museum to check out the Chinese New Year program.  It was mostly children stuff but it was all super cute:

Mr. Poe and I:

Some assorted pretties from the permanent collection:

I've taken pics of this hindu deity a bunch of times.  I love the stoner glaze to the eyes and the hipster mustache.  If you ran into this guy on the street he would totally be selling weed:

We headed downtown and hung out with Mr. Chris and David and then headed home for dinner.  After, I went to bed.  I was completely beat.

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