Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I haven't blogged in two months which I've got mixed feelings about.  One one hand, keeping up a blog seems so ten years ago and social media in general is starting to feel so dated.  However, I started this blog to keep a record of all the fun I'm having so that I'll be able to remind myself of it when I'm old and I think I'd like to keep up with that.  I haven't been biking a whole lot and I'm looking forward to riding a bit more.  I forgot to bring my phone to the last two Different Spokes Jersey Rides so I don't have any pics of them but I do have some of this FABULOUS ride I did with Wanderon and Bill where we hit one of the cemeteries in Colma on the way home.  Some of them are FAN-CY where only the classiest corpses get interred.  Here are a few pics of that:

She owns it.  And she's making it look expensive.

We had some incredibly warm weather this summer and fall.  That's one of the valid reasons that I wasn't on my bike.  I remember I was coming back from knee injury and the first long day I was out it was in the 90's and I was so miserable but I hadn't ridden in so long and I really wanted it so I persisted.  And I did.  So I don't have to do that again.  Mr. Poe and I went to Ocean Beach a couple of times and it was really fun:

I received my comeuppance in September when I rode up Tunitas Canyon after not having done anything remotely that difficult in months.  It took me down a notch.  A whole notch!

Nick and Jess came at the end of September and we had lots of fun walking around the city.  Including this preposterously inclined street.  I'll be seeing them again at Halloween:

I love a protest that shuts down Montgomery Street.  They're effective.  I've completely stopped fracking:

I'm hoping to be training quite a bit more for the rest of the fall and into the winter. stay tuned!

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